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A Snapshot Overview of Rorimer School
Rorimer School was recognized as a State Title 1 Achieving School for three years in a row as a result of more than doubling the target growth goal for the Academic Performance Index. 
Students are provided the option of participating in a Dual Immersion program in which students are taught to read, write, and speak English and Spanish to acquire dual literacy proficiency and be marketable in a global society.
Yearly, students have exceeded a reading challenge presented to them over the first six weeks of school. In 2009, this challenge was to read 14,500 books collectively, which was more than met. As a celebration, students enjoyed participating in an "Extreme Bash" party with large playground inflatables.
Students participated in the Reading Counts incentive program and made extensive growth in their reading comprehension levels.
"At risk" students receive additional focused instruction in our Learning Center utilizing: Making Meaning to build comprehension; Start In to build comprehension and vocabulary; SIPPS to build reading proficiency; Read Naturally to build on reading fluency; Multiplication Clinic to increase mastery of multiplication facts; Homework Morning Check In to increase study skills and work habits; Guidance to build positive self-esteem; PIP to promote positive self esteem and social skills.
First grade students considered "at risk" have improved their literacy skills through Rorimer’s Reading Explorations to meet the standards of their grade level.
Second and third grade students increase their Mathematics potential through the MIND program incorporating specialized computer programs as well as providing keyboard piano training for all students.
Every grade level visits a highly upgraded computer lab weekly as well as engages in technology in the classroom.
Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grade students have online access to My Access, a program that enhances student writing and provides instant feedback on their writing products.
All students have online access to Study Island which provides standards based instruction on every grade level skill for both reading and mathermatics.
Gifted and talented (GATE) students completed meaningful differentiated curricular projects and participated in enrichment field trips to higher institutions of learning.  Students became Royal Podcasters and create video reports which are posted on the Rorimer website.  GATE students were challenged to learn computer programming to devise and program robotic Legos.
Students in grades Kindergarten through third benefited by small class size.
Sixth grade students are offered an Algebra course when criteria is met.
Parents participated in a series of evening parent education workshops which were interactive and supported literacy at home.
Students received extended dayand school year intensive tutoring through after-school on-site programs as well as summer school.
Students participated in the after-school intramural sports program, the Options enrichment program, and childcare program.
CBET English Learning classes were provided and well attended.
Students demonstrated leadership through Student Council projects and activities.