Rorimer Gets Students & Parents Excited About Math

Rorimer Gets Students & Parents Excited About Math: Rorimer Elementary held a Student Math Festival where a facilitator from the California Mathematics Council worked with students, teachers and parent volunteers throughout the day to practice tasks from a choice of 12 fun math stations. 

“Our idea was for the students to take their enthusiasm from the Math Day and then the excitement was carried home for the children to bring their parents back at night for a Family Math Festival and it worked! Our parents are having fun working with their children with hands-on activities in different math stations that correlate to the Common Core Standards,” said Principal Liz Leon.

Proud parent of two children and many nephews at the school Juan Briseno said, “What I love about this school is the interaction we have with the teachers and the principal. They care about the students’ well-being and their education and that is very important to me as a parent -- knowing that we have teachers and principals that really care about the education of our children.”


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