Maria Jimenez


RUSD Teacher of the Year: Maria Jimenez from Rorimer Elementary


               Maria’s contributions to the students and staff of Rorimer Elementary School are significant in improving staff climate and school-wide involvement. Her creativity and ability to think “outside the box” have allowed Rorimer students’ moral and teacher participation in school wide events to increase. She facilitated a Mc’Teacher’s Night, which was highly successful. Students, teachers, and parents enjoyed the experience of interacting with one another in a different setting while raising money for the school. She also single handedly came up with the idea of a T-Shirt design contest for Rorimer students to participate in. Students were invited to create a design with our school motto “Royals are Readers” to promote school spirit as well as increase participation in the school’s Read-a-thon.

Hurrah  !  Mrs. Jimenez !

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